I am very thankful that we were given a trail week for this module, as it allowed me to familiarise myself with WordPress. This week’s topics allowed everyone to find out and think about their own level of engagement with the internet. It was interesting to read other students thoughts of where they saw themselves on the spectrum between visitors and residents. While reading and commenting on Carolina’s and Callum’s blogs, it gave me new ideas on how I could improve on mine simply due to the fact that they used a different way to approach the question.

When trying to give them useful suggestions on ways to improve their work, I considered which of these improvements could be applied to my blog. For example, I now wish to give my blog a personal touch by adding my own signature after each new post. I would also like to attempt to create my own self-produced images or videos such as Powtoon which Callum suggested. In general, I have also found that I need to change my overall structure when presenting my research as Callum’s and Carolina’s blog appeared clearer than mine and therefore stronger.

Reading other people’s work not only gave me new ideas but it also motivated me to do some further research on how to improve my overall presentation. I am really enjoying this feedback mechanism as it allows me to gain a fair insight on the areas that I can improve on. Carolina, for example pointed out that she liked the examples that I chose to explain topic 1 but she also wanted to know whether I believed if the theory given by Prensky was useful. I have not thought of this point previously as I was solely focusing on explaining the terms in an easy and relatable manner.

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