In my opinion I found this weeks topic more difficult to write about. The reason for this is that the angle of discussion regarding multiple identities can be introduced in so many different ways.

My blog for example highlighted the importance of how the creation of digital footprints can be a representation of who you are. Ellie focused her blog from a marketing perspective. She explained the concept of targeted advertising by sharing her Facebook newsfeed of a Missguided advert. Alex based his blog heavily on the different aspects of security.

I believe that the most challenging part of this weeks assignment was to decide on what information I wished to share with my audience. However, I am aware that this is an important skill set that I will require for my future. It is vital to prioritize and to create a strong statement within a restricted timeframe or word limit.

I also wanted to address the interaction that occurred after my post was released. Wei asked me an interesting question of whether I think that a person is capable of maintaining a completely authentic online identity. This question could potentially challenge the thought that no matter what identity you choose to have, it would never be a true reflection of who you are.

From a psychological standpoint people feel the need to conform in order to feel accepted. Having multiple identities allows you to voice your thoughts and ideas while feeling protected. This freedom is what makes it so attractive. As mentioned in my blog I still believe that you should decide for yourself if you think that having multiple identities would personally benefit you.

For my next topic I hope to further improve on my graphics as suggested by Wei and to encourage more conversation on my blog.

300 Words