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Topic 4 focused on one ethical related issue of social media.

I decided to comment on Ellie´s and Rachel’s blog this week, as both of their work took a completely different approach towards the assignment compared to mine.  I focused on general privacy concerns associated with the internet, whereas Ellie focused on the psychological element by introducing “social comparisons” created via social media sites such as Instagram. We mainly discussed the pressure associated in maintaining the “perfect online image”. This conversation was quite personal as I have strong negative feelings when social figures such as Ashley Graham receive negative feedback when trying to promote a healthier mindset.

Rachel, on the other hand linked ethics to children’s safety while surfing the web freely without parental guidance. This was an area that I have truly not even considered. I was therefore very intrigued to read her post. In fact, her research even gave me the incentive to look up various ways to protect children when allowing them to surf online. I then shared my findings with Rachel by introducing her to software’s such as Qustodio and Kidlogger. Together we reached the conclusion that it must be difficult to set certain boundaries when being a parent.

On my own blog Louise and I had a deeper discussion about allegedly deleted twitter posts and how politicians are still being penalised for their old tweets. Andrei shared his concern regarding copyright and asked for my biggest concern in return. It was a particular challenging task to label one criteria as “more important” as I believe that people react to the same scenario in different ways which I explained by using examples. Furthermore, we addressed the privacy paradox and the increasing number of identity thefts.

This week’s topic has taught me by far the most due to the diverse approaches and incentives to conduct further research.

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