I decided to choose this module for three main reasons:

  1. I was intrigued by the approach in which the module was taught and structured
  2. It provided me with a general new experience
  3. This module can benefit many industries as the improvement of digital skill sets can be used for various career paths.

I can honestly say that I am pleased of having chosen this module, as it successfully pushed me out of my comfort zone. I never considered myself being a confident person when it comes to sharing, commenting and discussing various topics online. However, my blogging experience actively moved me along the spectrum, heading slowly but steadily towards the resident side of the framework. Moreover, it also gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, such as the creation of info-graphics which I have since then, incorporated in my other modules.  To show the extent of what I have learned, I created a table to summarise the growth of my self-assessment.

Screenshot (77)

This self-assessment highlights my general improvements that I have obtained by completing this module, and I would gladly recommend it to other students. As an aspiring marketer I enjoyed the process of researching new topics every fortnight, to then share my findings with my peers. However, I gained the most insight by reading and commenting on my classmates’ blogs. Reading their work and commenting on their websites gave me a much richer understanding of the topics. It was interesting to see how they approached the question and how they creatively displayed their information. Comparing myself to others, gave me the incentive to try new things. I personally think that the benefits obtained from engaging and learning from your peers was the most vital learning curve of this module.

Additionally, it was great to see what countries my blog managed to reach. My furthest country ever was Japan and I had multiple visitors from Germany. I felt a sense of achievement and connection when I saw that other people besides my course mates took the time to read my blog. In fact it made me consider starting my own blog, where I could share my passion for cooking.

lww 2

Moving on to the five research areas that were chosen for this module, I personally found that developing an online employability profile was the most educational and useful topic. It provided me with a greater awareness on how to format a successful LinkedIn profile and how to increase my visibility across various platforms to increase my chance of being found by a potential employer. In addition to this, the Justine Sacco’s incident left a permanent imprint on me, as I will never underestimate the power a single tweet can have on someone’s life.

The slideshow below summarises the main learning outcomes that I gained from all topics.

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Overall, this module has increased my digital skills that I will further improve upon after having completed this module. After I graduate in 2018, I would like to start my own blog and share my recipes with other interested individuals.

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