This week’s blog will focus on the opportunities and challenges of establishing a professional online identity and how to deal with online criticism.

As discussed in my previous blog post, it is best to accept that almost everyone has an online identity. This means that people can and will find information about you on the web. You can however, use this knowledge to your advantage! How? You can start by creating an airtight reputation when promoting yourself online. A suggestion would be to increase your visibility across various platforms to make it easier for head-hunters to find you. Furthermore, you can upgrade your LinkedIn profile by adding more value. Why would you only add your CV, if you have the opportunity to talk about your personal experiences and greatest accomplishments? It transforms a robotic appearance into a more likeable character or persona.

Head hunters use online platforms to find suitable candidates with the appropriate talent to match firms. The statistics summarised in the diagram below underline the significance of creating a strong profile.


Source : Social Meep

As LinkedIn is the most commonly used platform I have attached a helpful video on how to effectively develop a successful LinkedIn profile:

In summary, this video gives vital suggestions on using key words efficiently and how to make yourself easier to find when creating your profile. I wish to highlight again the importance of being connected on different platforms, as it does increase your probability of being found. The internet is after all the quickest tool to find uniquely qualified minds around the world.

A potential challenge that could arise besides security issues, is the overwhelming feeling of being aware that your online profile can be accessed 24/7. Therefore it is essential to keep your page up to date and that you are selective on what invitations you wish to send. If you decide to accept every invite, your page might appear disorganised and out of focus. Therefore, use contacts that are in line with your profession that could assist you in the future. Furthermore stay involved! Even if you have a job, I would recommend that you stay in contact with past clients and colleagues.

I have created a personal checklist, which in my opinion, covers a few vital points that are essential for an overall positive professional appearance.

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Self-produced: Powerpoint

Lastly  I would like to cover how to react when someone posts unpleasant messages on your page and/or decides to tweet something inappropriate? I created a small info-graphic with some useful tips on how to remain professional when confronted with this situation.


Self-produced: Piktochart

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